What is the Blackjack table? It is a summary table of the actions to be carried out in order to increase your chances against the dealer. By sticking to this blackjack table, you will decrease your chances of loosing the online casino en ligne.

How to win more round with the Blackjack Table ?

First of all, note that the blackjack strategy does not guarantee you 100% victory. Using this table allows you to reduce the casino edge to less than 1%. This means that you will have about a 49% chance of winning your hand (1 in 2).
To obtain this victory ratio, it is essential to strictly follow the table below. Be careful, for your strategy to work, it is essential that the other players present on your board also respect this table. If this is not the case, you will unfortunately not enjoy its benefits. We therefore advise you to observe the players present on the Blackjack tables beforehand or to play directly on a VIP table so as not to be confronted with this scenario.

BLACKJACK glossary

First of all, take a few moments to know the different terms used in Blackjack :

  • Tirer / Hit  : Draw a card
  • Rester / Stay : No more / no additional cards 
  • Diviser / Split : Separates two cards of the same value, which has the effect of having two hands instead of one and therefore doubling his initial bet
  • Doubler / Double Down : Double the initial bet after receiving the first two cards while taking the risk of receiving only one card from the dealer
  • Insurrance : Insurance can be taken by the player when the dealer has an Ace as his first card. To insure his hand, the player must pay x0.5 the amount of his bet. This ensures his hand in the event of blackjack from the dealer and thus to be partially refunded. Insurance is not compulsory and not advisable unless you have Blackjack and the dealer has an Ace in hand.
  • Push :  It is a result of a game, between a player and the dealer. The push is the moment when the dealer and the player have the same score (18 against 18). You get your bet back but lose the sides bets (if you play them).
  • Bust : The bust is the act of going over 21 for both the player and the dealer. When a player or the dealer bust, he is automatically the loser.

In order to make it easier for you to understand the blackjack board here is how to use the board :

  • The columns correspond to the dealer’s card.
  • The lines correspond to your game.
  • The colored boxes show you the actions to perform according to your game and the dealer’s hand.

The table is broken down into three parts:

  • The lower part corresponds to pairs (player’s hand, lines) from 2/2 to A / A.
  • The middle part corresponds to the combinations Ace + another card.
  • The high part is the sum of your two cards.

Knowing these three parts will allow you to quickly read the table and not waste time.

Blackjack hand example

Here is an example by case to illustrate the strategy of Blackjack :

  • Draw : Your hand has a value of 6 (4/2, A / 5, …) and the dealer’s hand is worth 3. In this context you must draw. By following the table in relation to the column of 3 (value of the dealer’s hand) you must draw until your hand has a value of 13. Once this cap is reached (13, 14, 15, … ) you stay. Be careful once you have drawn a card you cannot double, so you will have to draw.
  • Stay : If your hand is 14 and the dealer’s hand is 5, you must stay.
  • Double : Your hand is a pair of 5, or 5/5, that of the dealer is 7. In this case, you must double, so you will double your bet and draw a single card.
  • Divide : Only works with certain pairs! Your hand is a pair of 7’s, or 7/7, the dealer’s hand is 5. So you have to split, which will create two hands 7 + one card. You must then start it over from the beginning with these two hands and follow the board.

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